Asphalt Paving

We at PMI have been providing asphalt paving services for our site construction, property management, and private customers over the course of many years.

The corporate environment enjoyed at PMI has resulted in the acquisition and retention of many of the best asphalt paving technicians in the business today. This brings a level of quality workmanship to our projects that is not often seen in this area. The result is a job built right the first time, with fewer “punch list” items to worry about.

PMI normally applies an asphalt surface onto base courses prepared by our sitework construction clients. We also can provide prime coat applications prior to paving, if desired by the customer. A truck-distributed sand layer can follow, allowing the contractor continued access to his project if paving is scheduled for a later date.

Our field supervisors will inspect the surface and consult with the contractor prior to priming and paving to ensure there are no impediments to achieving a quality job. We also perform many second-lift applications for existing parking lots and roadways.

Our company is appropriately sized to quickly respond to customers of all types. Many property management companies utilize our pavement repair services at apartments, condominiums, commercial parks and residential subdivisions throughout Southwest Florida. Whether a patch is needed due to damaged asphalt or from utility installations, PMI will provide quality repairs at competitive prices.