Pulva Mixing

Increasingly, new construction projects in Southwest Florida are occurring on previously developed sites. There are many situations involving existing paved surfaces where excavating and off-site hauling of asphalt is necessary. This procedure is often time consuming, and can be costly. Pulva-mixing, an in-situ mixing process, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional excavation of asphalt surfaces. Our specialized mixing process can break up and blend existing asphalt, base, and subbase materials into a uniform mixture, suitable for reuse as a base or subgrade. The process generates an aggregate size no larger than 3”, allowing fine grading and compaction equipment to work immediately. Our process is capable of mixing at depths to 18 inches below existing grade.

This method is ideal for utility contractors who need to restore pipelines beneath existing roadways, as it completely removes the need for scraping and off-site haul of asphalt. Grading and compaction times are also reduced, which saves additional money. Other benefits will include a smaller construction “footprint.” No on-site stockpile area is needed to temporarily store broken asphalt; and, pulva-mixing requires fewer pieces of equipment and no haul trucks. Also, pulva-mixing helps with dust abatement, which can be a serious problem in projects where roadway demolition is required.